Mechanical Technician

Closing date: 30/07/2022


We are seeking a highly-skilled mechanical technician to assist our engineering team. You will be updating service and repair records, maintaining our machinery, and running diagnostic tests on machinery and equipment to ensure optimal performance.

Assisting the mechanical engineer with mechanical design and maintenance tasks.
Installing and performing diagnostic tests on mechanical systems.
Developing and implementing mechanical maintenance plans to prevent costly equipment breakdowns.
Troubleshooting mechanical malfunctions and breakdowns, as well as performing repairs.
Documenting processes and maintaining mechanical service records.
Monitoring the availability of parts and replenishing supplies.
Optimizing mechanical efficiency by adjusting machinery and equipment settings.
Training co-workers on the safe and efficient use of mechanical machinery and equipment.
Maintaining a tidy work environment and adhering to industry regulations.

Associates degree in mechanical engineering technology (MIT), or similar.
A minimum of two years' experience as a mechanical technician in a related industry.
Extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering designs, installations, maintenance, and repairs.
Proficiency in mechanical design and diagnostic testing software.
Exceptional analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
Great organizational and time management abilities.
Willingness to perform mechanical maintenance and repairs outside of business hours.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

Resume / CV
Passport Copy
Educational Certifications
Intro video of yourself
Full Length Photograph