Laundry Attendant

Closing date: 30/12/2023


As a Laundry Attendant, you will be expected to wash, dry, and fold personal items and hotel linens. You will be also responsible for sorting the laundry by color shades and materials. You should have exceptional knowledge of using dry cleaning equipment and various laundry techniques. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Wash, clean, dry, and fold numerous hotel linen and laundry items. Sort the laundry items according to material and color. Arrange clothes in the laundry room as per the specifications. Wrap the laundry items for pickup or delivery. Update the laundry list and record it on a daily basis. Maintain cleanliness in the laundry room. Assist fellow laundry attendants in loading and unloading laundry washers and dryers. Maintain inventory level which includes detergents, sewing machines, detergent cakes, and others. Keep it updated on a regular basis. Respond to customer complaints in a professional manner. Provide various other laundry services if required. QUALIFICATIONS High school diploma or equivalent. Prior experience as a Laundry Attendant or a similar position in the Hospitality industry will be considered. Extensive experience in using laundry detergents and cleaning equipment. Ability to work for long hours as well as work on weekends if required. Well versed in using laundry equipment and maintaining the types of equipment. Ability to lift heavy materials and objects. Quick decision-making skills. A problem solver. Great customer service skills. Good written and verbal communication skills. Note: you will be required to attach the following: Resume / CV Passport Copy Educational Certifications Intro video of yourself Full Length Photograph