Income Controller

Closing date: 31/12/2022


We are looking for a results-driven and confident financial controller to manage and improve our organization's financial performance and direct our accounting operations. Duties for the Income controller will include managing accounting records, evaluating and managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulations, publishing financial statements, overseeing accounting operations, analyzing financial data, monitoring expenditure, forecasting revenue, coordinating auditing processes, and ensuring accuracy of financial information.

Preparing financial reports.
Analyzing financial data.
Monitoring internal controls.
Overseeing and preparing income statements.
Participating in budgeting processes.
Managing financial transactions.
Streamlining accounting functions and operations.
Developing plans for financial growth.
Evaluating and managing risk.
Coordinating audit processes.

Master's or Bachelors degree in accounting or finance related field.
Proven experience in finance management.
Good communication skills.
Strong leadership qualities.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Sound knowledge of accounting fundamentals.
Auditing experience.
Compliance oriented.
Proficiency in accounting software.
Analytical skills.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

Resume / CV
Passport Copy
Educational Certifications
Intro video of yourself
Full Length Photograph