Hotel Butler

Closing date: 30/12/2023


We are searching for a butler to take over the day-to-day management and running of our property. In this role, you will be charged with household upkeep, supervision of staff, and hosting of guests. You will also manage budgeting, the hiring and dismissal of staff, and ensuring the pristine maintenance and running of the household. To ensure success as a butler, you should remain professional and attentive to detail in matters regarding household management. A top-notch butler will have a thorough understanding of hospitality protocols, and will exhibit knowledge on a wide range of topics related to dining, event planning, valeting, and household management. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Ensuring that cleaning and household chores are completed. Answering telephonic and written communications on behalf of the employer. Greeting guests in a professional manner upon their arrival. Sourcing and training new staff, preparing and communicating staff schedules, and running payroll. Coordinating the maintenance and preservation of the estate's artworks, antiques, and silverware. Assisting with the management of important assets, including wines, cigars, books, and automobiles. Overseeing monthly budgeting and security, as well as household inventories for the property. Assisting the employer and other household staff with the planning of events. Overseeing the smooth running of hosted events, parties, and dinners. Performing all duties and obligations with decorum, tact, and unwavering professionalism. QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE A high-school diploma. An indication of relevant learning or training, such as a diploma in hospitality, catering, or culinary arts. An apprenticeship with a butler or experience as a footman or under footman. Knowledge about wines, cookery, and dining protocols. Proficiency in planning, purchasing, and maintaining supplies and inventories. Impeccable organizational and planning skills. The ability to delegate activities and manage others. Attention to detail and the ability to multitask. Outstanding client-relations skills and professionalism. Note: you will be required to attach the following: Resume / CV Passport Copy Educational Certifications Intro video of yourself Full Length Photograph