Executive Sous Chef

Closing date: 30/07/2022


The Executive Sous Chef is responsible for all aspects of the kitchen such as menu plans, operations, recipes, financial responsibility, portion and inventory control, food quality, and employee supervision. The Executive Sous Chef provides leadership training and hands-on management of the kitchen staff. The Executive Sous Chef is in charge of executing the food in the main kitchen, drives menu design and kitchen creativity and is responsible for growing and developing the product and profitability of the food service program. The Executive Sous Chef provides a consistent product and experience achieving revenue targets and managing costs as well as ensures all staff under direct supervision are focused and demonstrating a Guest Centric attitude and culture. In addition to maintaining our vision by adhering to our values and management principles, this position must provide the highest level of service to our guests

• Interacts with guests to obtain feedback on product quality and service levels.
• Responds to and handles guest problems and complaints.
• Able to make recommendations to the Executive Chef regarding succession planning.
• To be aware of all financial budgets and goals.
• To ensure that guests are always receiving an exceptional dining experience representing true value for money.
• Ensure that all recipes and product yields are accurately costed and reviewed regularly.
• Ensure that all food items are prepared as per standard recipe cards whilst maintaining portion control and minimizing waste.
• Ensure that food stock levels within the culinary department areas are of sufficient quantity and quality in relevance to the hotel occupancy and function forecasts.
• Ensure that chefs are always in clean tidy uniforms and are always presentable to be in guest view
To manage associates fairly and take a personal interest in knowing all culinary associates.
• To project a positive and motivated attitude among all associates.
• To spend time in the restaurant to ensure that the operation is managed well by the outlet team.
• To frequently verify that only the highest quality products are used in food preparation.
• To ensure that all food products received into the Main Kitchen are of the required standard and quality and that they are stored and rotated correctly.
• Responsible for the supervision of all stewards and their activities within the culinary department.
• Ensure that weekly work schedules and annual leave planners are administered and filed correctly.
• Ensure that the overall culinary department is motivated and that positive feedback on work performance is given.
• To delegate responsibilities to subordinates as required.

1. Culinary Certificate or Degree by an accredited culinary agency preferred
2. 7-10 years’ experience in an professional busy kitchen, pubs and restaurant environment
3. Strong preference for a chef who already locally sources their ingredients
4. Able to deliver and exceed the expectations of a highly demanding clientele
5. Ability to obtain and/or maintain any government required licenses, certificates or permits
6. Professional appearance and manner, good character to work in a fast-paced team
7. Positive, honest, and energetic work ethic

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

Resume / CV
Passport Copy
Educational Certifications
Intro video of yourself
Full Length Photograph