Director of Food and Beverage

Closing date: 30/12/2023


The Director of Food & Beverage is responsible for coordinating all phases of group meeting/banquet functions held in the Hotel; coordinating these activities on a daily basis; assist clients in program planning and menu selection.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Achievement of budgeted food sales, beverage sales, labor costs and profitability.

  • Completion of Customer Follow-up calls on a timely basis.

  • Timely analysis of Food & Beverage Prices in relation to competition.

  • Participation and input towards F&B Marketing activities.

  • Entertainment of potential and existing customers.

  • Preparation of Sales Promotions & Mailings.

  • Competitive analysis every six months by calling competition and gathering data such as banquet kits, room rental rates, etc.

  • Telemarketing to previous clients to inquire about possible future bookings.

  • Development and maintenance of all department control procedures.

  • Handle all Food & Beverage inquiries and ensure timely follow up on the same business day.

  • To co-ordinate with all large group meeting/banquet planners their specific group requirements with the services & facilities offered. This includes proposals, contracts, estimated and actual function statements. With banquet or conferences, the Chef is to be included in food related discussions.

  • To confirm all details relative to group functions with meeting/banquet planners.

  • Supervision of daily paper flow including Proposals, and Function Contracts.

  • Maintenance of Hotel credit policies.

  • Directly responsible for large function billings and overseeing medium/small function billings with particular regard to accuracy and timeliness (48 hours)

  • Evaluation forms must accompany all invoices.

  • Gather for large events, oversee for medium/small events, guaranteed attendance numbers. They are required 3 business days in advance of functions.

  • Completion of monthly forecast.

  • Attendance and participation at weekly F & B meeting and Department Head meeting.

  • To assist in menu planning and pricing.

  • Development and maintenance of department manual.

Qualification, Experience, and Skills

  • Post Graduate or Degree or three years Diploma in Hotel Management or equivalent.

  • Previous experience in a similar Job role or minimum 4 years experience as Banquet Supervisor. Proven track record.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

Resume / CV
Educational / Employment Certifications.